Comino is a small, almost uninhabited island with a wonderful coastline and lovely scenery. There are many caves and small beaches to explore around the island, and of course, the famous Blue Lagoon. Our Comino tours will take you to the beautiful Blue Lagoon where you can go onto land and explore the island or swim in the crystal clear water. It’s also recommended to go onto a small boat that will take you into the caves and secret beaches around this beautiful island. This service is provided by boats located in the Blue Lagoon.
On the way to Comino, you will cruise past St. Paul’s Island, Mellieha and other beautiful spots that are worth seeing during your stay on the Maltese Islands. There is so much to do and see in Comino and our special Comino tours make it all possible. You can swim off the boat or at the white sandy beach, walk the small island to the castle, snorkel, hop onto a speed boat for a ride, sun bathe on our boat and much more.
Our beautiful Comino tours will show you the island in all its splendor. We’ll take you straight to the heart of what is considered one of the most gorgeous of locations within our Maltese heritage. The Blue Lagoon alone is not just a sightseeing spectacle but a pinnacle of our national significance and evidence that Malta is not just a stunning island to visit but more of a place to keep with you at all times. As you are taken through this stunning island you will have more than ample opportunity to swim and see the Lagoon for what it is. Captain Morgan Cruises offer a number of boat trips to Comino to suit all tastes and budgets. Our Comino tours will certainly please.