The Maltese archipelago, which consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, 90 kms to the South of Sicily and 290 kms to the north of the African coast. There are also the uninhabited islands of Cominotto, Filfla and St. Paul's Island.  The Maltese Islands cover an area of 316 square kilometers (Malta 246 km2, Gozo - 67 km2, Comino - 2.7 km2) and the total population of the Islands is approximately 400,000.

Malta is the largest island in the archipelago. It is the more urban and cosmopolitan of the islands. Malta is characterized by a series of low, flat-topped hills with terraced fields on their slopes. Malta's coastline is well indented with bays, sandy beaches rocky coves and most importantly natural harbours. In order to allow you to view our beautiful coastline and enjoy the crystal clear waters that surround the country, we offer wonderful excursions including Gozo, Comino and Malta tours.. Malta's capital City is Valletta and the main Sea Ports are the Grand Harbour and Marsaxlokk.

Malta Boat Tours

Our Malta boat tours, namely The Harbour Cruise is an adventure on its own, packed with history, beauty and fun. We offer the most in-depth, well-explained Harbour Cruise on the island.

Gozo is smaller than Malta, and has a character of its own. The Island is more rural and much quieter than Malta. The countryside is greener and has some spectacular cliffs and inland scenery. Gozo's coastline is very picturesque. Our trips to Gozo are not to be missed! Gozo’s coastline is really spectacular, with many fabulous swimming destinations and an amazing seabed which is great if you’re interested in snorkelling. 

Comino is the smallest inhabited island in the archipelago. There are no cars on Comino, nor any noise to disturb the peace and quiet. The Islands' numerous bays and its famous crystal clear waters make it the perfect choice for most kinds of water sports, especially swimming, snorkeling and diving. A cruise to the island of Comino on a Captain Morgan Cruises vessel is a must. We will show you all the best places in Comino, including the famous Blue Lagoon